A website that studies the potentials of nomadism as a way of life. 

Building in a-topia. An essay by Franco Berardi on Ibraaz website (A critical forum on visual culture in North Africa and the Middle East).

An academic website on nomadism by the universities of Leipzig and Halle-Wittenberg.

The "e-Diaspora Atlas" is a unique experiment in research on diasporas, with graphic presentation of scientific findings.
A design studio in Tehran working in the fields of architecture, graphic design, and film making.
Center for Sustainable Development. An NGO in Iran working mainly with pastoral nomads.

A 26 minutes Documentary by Simona Piantieri. An ethnographic analysis of the current building of the Shard skyscraper in London.
An anthropological website about the Qashqai pastoral nomads.
A documentary film company based in London.
A documentary film project about Brazilian migration to USA.