Film title:
Format and length:
100 minute documentary, shot on HD&DV
Shooting locations:
Planned production period:
early 2009 - Late 2010
It’s hard to ignore the presence of the Iranian Diaspora in major cities of the developed world. They cross the borders in search of a better life.The collective identities and survival strategies of these transnational migrants and their networks of friends and family reveal signs of the reemergence of nomadic aspects in a global scale.
IRANOMAD will try to emphasize the importance of this nomadic element in the history of Iran and to show its relevance to the modern day situations of instability and unpredictability.
IRANOMAD will show how these modern nomads can turn the threats of such unsettled lifestyles into an opportunity for development of their communities through an inspiring discussion with the pastoral nomads of their motherland. This discussion aims to inform not only the participants, but also professional planners and designers dealing with these societies.